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COVID-19 Resources
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For Educators and Parents:

Students may experience a range of emotions during the COVID-19 situation.  As well, changes in routine, including time away from school, may create challenges for some students.  We also understand that young people with pre-existing mental health problems may find their symptoms increasing in light of the current uncertainties.

School Mental Health Ontario has compiled tips and resources to help answer questions you may have about how to support students during this time:  

Children's Mental Health Ontario offers the following article for parents/guardians:

Canadian Mental Health Association Grey Bruce shares the following presentation to assist with mental health concerns:

Bluewater District School Board has developed the following resource sheet for parents/guardians and young children:

Bruce and Grey:

Visit Grey Bruce Public Health for the latest media releases and updates for local residents:  


Ongoing media releases related to COVID-19 from the Ontario Ministry of Health are being posted here:  

The Ontario Ministry of Health is providing daily updates on cases in the province, advice on precautionary measures, and other information:  


The Government of Canada offers several resources and information related to COVID-19:  

Travel Health Notices outlining potential health risks to Canadian travellers as well as travel advisories are available here:


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