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Parents & Community
Continuous Learning

Welcome to our Continuous Learning web page!  Resources, information, and instructions will be posted here on an ongoing basis as we move forward with our plan for continuous student learning.  

If your child requires any assistance with technology and/or internet access, please click here for our Technology Survey or contact your child's teacher.

Brightspace (vLE) Portal

It is recommended that you view the video link below, "How to access the vLE" (under General Use), for instructions before accessing Bluewater District School Board's Continuous Learning vLE (virtual learning) portal below.  Once you have viewed the video, click on the following icon to access the Brightspace (vLE) portal:

Link to BWDSB Continuous Learning portal

Please click on the icons below for our Q and A, and instructions for parents/guardians on using Brightspace:

Image that links to Brightspace Parent Q and A
Image that links to Brightspace Portfolio instructions for parents/guardians

Using Brightspace Portfolio (Family Device Mode): (ideal for multiple users in one home)

Using Brightspace Portfolio (My Device Mode): (ideal for homes with one user)

Videos - Getting Started

General Use

How to access the vLE:


How to access the vLE with multiple users:

  • Use two different browsers for two children (suggestion: Firefox and Chrome)
  • Use private browser or incognito mode within one browser to avoid automatic login (these features can be found in the upper right corner of your browser)
How to download O365 Suite:

How to access O365 (Outlook) for BWDSB students:

How to upload email photos from your iPhone:

How to send content from iPhone to OneNote:

How to create notifications to be alerted when content on your student’s course shell has been updated:

Submitting Work

Adding a file to your assignment submission in Brightspace:


How to add Read Aloud to your Chrome or Firefox browser:

Additional Resources

Please click on the icons below for our Q and A as well as additional resources related to our continuous learning plan:

Image that links to Continuous Learning Plan Q and A
Image that links to compilation of sources and information related to online safety while learning from home
Image that links to additional continuous learning resources
Image that links to code of conduct in place during continuous learning
Image that links to special education remote learning resources

Ministry of Education Resources

To assist with the continuity of learning, the provincial government has launched the Learn at Home online portal, which includes several resources developed by Ontario educators for students at all grade levels.  Click on the link below:

Button that links to Ontario Ministry of Education's Learn at Home online portal

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