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Water Compliance Reports
The Board has retained the services of Oweson Water Services (a Division of Oweson Ltd.) to prepare the Annual Compliance Reports for the specific Bluewater District School Board Schools.

The objective of this report is to comply with the mandatory requirement for an Annual Report under the Ontario Regulation 170/03, Section 11.  The annual reports are provided by school.  Click on the dropdown menu at the top to select a specific school's reports.

The reports contain:

Bul_blu.gif brief description of the water treatment system
Bul_blu.gif summary of the reports and notices submitted to the Ministry of the Environment (MOE)
Bul_blu.gif summary of the treated water monitoring
Bul_blu.gif summary of Schedule 12 - Microbiological Sampling and Testing
Bul_blu.gif summary of Schedule 15 - Chemical Sampling and Testing
Bul_blu.gif summary of any corrective action for adverse
Bul_blu.gif water treatment system repairs and improvements

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