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Board Meetings

May 15, 2007




The Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee met on April 12 at the Markdale Satellite Office.

Trudy Baran, Chair
Bill Rich
Dennis Forbes (R)
Cathie Mustard (R)
Karen Nunn, Vice-Chair
Sandy Ribey
Helen Wemp
Corinne Wolsey
Marilyn McComb (R)
Jean Sullivan (R)
Shawn McNamara (R)
Natalka Pucan (R)
Lori Wilder
Janice Greenwood
Carolynn Dyer
Darlene Thomson
Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Assoc.
Keystone Child, Youth and Family Services
Easter Seal Society, Ontario
Grey-Bruce Community Care Access Centre
Ontario Brain Injury Assoc.
Grey-Bruce Chapter for Autism Society
Bluewater Council of Home & School Assoc.
Student Senator (GBSS)
First Nation Trustee
Superintendent of Student Services
Principal of Student Services
Vice-Principal of Student Services
Executive Assistant (Recorder)

Dennis Boyle (R)

Linda Martin (R)
Annemarie Payette (R)
Ruth Dakin (R)
Pat Gruter-Larson (R)

The following items were presented:

Student Services Staff met with the CCAC Diabetic Nurse to discuss students coming to school that use insulin pumps.
Planning is underway for Student Services Summer Institute sessions.
A Career Day, sponsored by Community Living Owen Sound, will take place at Georgian on May 14 from 1-4.  The session will highlight programs that are offered for students with intellectual disabilities or significant learning challenges.
Lori mentioned that the Budget process is moving forward.  SEAC has received the dates and are invited to attend these sessions.
Janice Greenwood reminded SEAC that this was to be a full review year for the Special Education Plan but the Ministry requested only amendments.  Thanks to Sandy Ribey for working with the Student Services staff to make the amendments. SEAC approved the amendments.
Helen Wemp walked the committee through the Autism Ontario’s response to Special Education Transformation:  The Report of the Co-Chairs with the Recommendations of the Working Table on Special Education report and the input she received from some of the members of Grey-Bruce Autism Ontario Chapter.
Lori Wilder, Sandy Ribey and Corinne Wolsey attended the IEP Ministry Review meeting held in Barrie on Thursday, March 29, 2007.  The parents worked through their child’s IEPs and report cards with a parent checklist.
Lori Wilder, Janice Greenwood and Carolynn Dyer attended the IEP Review Meeting on Friday, March 30, 2007 for administration.
The submitted IEP’s will go through five reviews including review by parents, Board, another Board, Barrie Regional Office and Ministry.

THAT Bluewater District School Board receive the Special Education Advisory Committee Report of April 12, 2007 for information.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
May 15, 2007
For more information please contact
Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services
Marilyn McComb, Trustee
Jean Sullivan, Trustee


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