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December 18, 2007

Excellence in Education

"Let’s Learn"

The Let’s Grow Committee is an interagency committee in Grey and Bruce Counties which works together to coordinate services for families with children 0 to 8 years of age.  The committee coordinates the management and delivery of three system components: 1) provision of information about healthy child development to the general public; 2) support and services for all families, based on needs; 3) community development to foster communities that support and nurture families with young children.  Subcommittees and task groups plan and coordinate specific activities of the overall initiative.  One of these subgroups is the Let’s Learn Committee which was first piloted in 2000.  The “Let’s Learn” process of combined early Kindergarten registration and universal developmental preschool screening began as a result of a joint service meeting that was called to examine issues related to preschool to school transitions.  Two identified community needs emerged:
•     Providing universal preschool screening to a large geographic area with a relative small population of children; and
•     Identifying children prior to school entry who would benefit from preschool intervention services.

In 2002, community agencies and local school boards examined evaluation results from two pilot years and committed to moving ahead with community-wide implementation of the combined universal preschool screening and early Kindergarten registration process.  Since that time, “Let’s Learn” Kindergarten registrations have been held in all public and separate schools within Grey and Bruce Counties.  In 2004, the “Let’s Learn” Core Decision and Planning Committee was established, and has overseen numerous adjustments and enhancements to the Let’s Learn process.  “Let’s Learn” Kindergarten registration is designed to be a child-focused, family-friendly, non-threatening event for all parents and children, and can be customized to the needs of each individual school community.

“Let’s Learn” Kindergarten registration and screening is beneficial for all children and their families who choose to participate. From the perspective of service providers who focus on early intervention and supporting families of preschool children, the “Let’s Learn” process is useful in empowering parents to optimize their child’s development and to make decisions that are in the best interest of their child.
Parents of children who are developing and growing well receive affirmation and guidance regarding their child’s development.  Parents of children who may benefit from a range of community supports and services are informed of such services and linked directly, pending their consent, in a friendly, relaxed and supportive manner.

From the perspective of educators, the “Let’s Learn” process supports student learning by promoting successful entry to school transitions on behalf of all children, including those with special needs.  Research tells us that positive first school experiences are linked to future school success and positive attitudes towards learning later on. Early Kindergarten registration allows for the exchange of information which informs school program planning and preparation, and allows time for families and children to prepare for school entry.  Preschool screening at early registration provides a mechanism for connecting children to intervention services in order to support their development prior to school entry.  “Let’s Learn” also initiates the development of a positive relationship between home and school, and encourages effective partnerships between school, family and community partners.

All those who are involved with “Let’s Learn” have learned and grown from their participation in this initiative.  Trusting relationships continue to be forged between all partners participating in the process.  Perhaps most importantly, community service providers, educators and families are learning to work together for a common goal – to enhance the lives and learning of children in our community.  Through “Let’s Learn”, educators and community professionals demonstrate their dedication to all young children – supporting them to reach their full potential,  and setting the stage for them to enter school ready to learn.

Today, Gwen Duncan, Area Resource Teacher for the Bluewater District School Board will, on behalf of the many who comprise the “Let’s Learn” Core Decision Making/Planning Committee, accept the Bluewater District School Board’s Excellence in Education Award for their on-going commitment to children in our District.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
December 18, 2007
For more information please contact
Lori Wilder,
Superintendent of Student Services


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