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Board Meetings

December 16, 2008

Aboriginal Project 2008-2009

Project I:  “Aboriginal Entrepreneurship”
At Saugeen District

•     create awareness of Aboriginal people, culture and history for students in Saugeen Shores and surrounding area
•     identify business opportunities in Saugeen First Nation Community
•     increase awareness of entrepreneurial skills within the First Nation Community
•     create an opportunity for community involvement within the high school
•     support student achievement by offering a course that is specific to the Aboriginal learners’ needs

Project II:  “Aboriginal Tutoring Program”
At Peninsula Shores

•     To promote the achievements of Aboriginal people within the Peninsula Shores District School community.  
•     recognize and promote Ojibwe language and traditional teachings – “Without the Language, the Heart of the People, a Nation Vanishes...”
•     engage more Aboriginal students in school community and encourage them to participate more actively in class.

Project III:  “Aboriginal Student Success”
At G. C. Huston

•     create strategic partnerships with First Nations to help students make a smoother transition from First Nation daycare to provincially funded elementary school
•     promote smooth placement, and any necessary subsequent adjustments, for First Nation students with special education needs as they move between schools in First Nation communities and provincial school boards in cooperation with First Nations, provide support for First Nation
•     students making the transition to provincially funded elementary and secondary schools
•     acquire and provide access to a variety of Aboriginal resources such as books, software, and resources in other media, including materials in Ojibwe

Project IV: “Phoenix Project”
At Peninsula Shores

•     Support a positive transition into a Bluewater school for the first time in grade 9.  This has been identified as need.  First Nation students have identified a reluctancy to start secondary school

Project V:  “Roots of Empathy”
At G.C. Huston

•     develop a sense of empathy in students towards the aboriginal mother as a role model and care provider for her baby as they watch it grow through the years.
•     empathetic relationship and connections made between the classroom and the children and this skill being transferred to others in the school.

Project VI:  “Aboriginal Awareness for All”
At Peninsula Shores

•     Support a positive understanding of cultures represented in the community
•     Support aboriginal education based on the needs of students.

Project VII:  “Honouring the Culture of Drumming & Singing”
At G.C. Huston

•     develop a music component that is reflective of the aboriginal culture to make students feel more comfort with performances in music and singing that is based in tradition.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
16 December 2008        
For more information please contact
Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services


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