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Information Communications Technology
Information Communications Technology Services Personnel
(519) 363-2014 [Telephone]
(519) 370-2943 [Fax]
(519) 370-2550 [ICT Service Centre]
1-866-538-0575 [ICT Service Centre Toll Free]

Welcome to the Bluewater ICT Department.  

Here is just a sample of the support and services we provide.
  • Coordinate and supervise the installation, maintenance, training, and support of existing and new servers, systems, and networks.
  • Configure, install, and maintain the network hardware and software of the school.
  • Create and maintain a system for backing up data and program files.
  • Ensure integrity of the network by continually updating network system security to provide for latest protection against viruses and other types of network vulnerabilities.
  • Keep an inventory of equipment, computers, software licenses, and others.
  • Manage the school’s hardware and software.
  • Assist faculty and staff with professional technology-based computer hardware and software inquiries.
  • Provide preventive and corrective maintenance to equipment.
We also play a key role facilitating, providing, integrating, and supporting new technologies, with the objective to inspire, foster, and promote the development of global competencies, imagination, creativity, and innovation in students, teachers, and staff.

Our Team:

CIO/Manager of Information and Communication Technology
Assistant Manager of Information and Communication Technology
Supervisor of Client Services
Supervisor of Student Information Services
Programmer Specialists
Client Services Technicians
Application Support Technicians
Systems Engineers
Network Engineers
Information and Communication Technology Assistant
Business Intelligence Specialist

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