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Instructional Programs
Co-operative Education Program
What is Co-operative Education?

Co-operative Education, or Co-op, is an Experiential Learning Experience, meaning they take part in a hands-on learning experience in their chosen focus area.  Students are set up with an employer whom they work with throughout their placement, performing various tasks involved with their area of interest.  Students can choose their area of interest, and Co-op teachers work with industry contacts to place students in the most rewarding placement possible.
Image of career options: finance, health, law, retail, education, technology, hospitality, military, engineering, construction

Why take Co-op?

Have you ever wondered....                                      

What do I want to do for a career?      
What education is required for certain jobs after high school?  
What is this job really like on a daily basis?          
Can I see myself in this job?

Co-op is a great way to start answering some of these questions.  Students get a better understanding of potential careers while gaining useful workplace skills and experience.  

1.  Pre-Course Interview
2.  Establishment of the Placement
3.  Pre-Placement Instruction
4.  Personalized Placement Learning Plan (PPLP)
5.  Assessment and Evaluation
6.  In-School Integration Sessions


**Students can now apply up to 2 Co-op credits to their compulsory high school credit requirements**

Now Available:  Night School Co-op, Summer Co-op, e-Co-op, and Continuous Intake Co-op!

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