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BWDSB Teacher Receives PM Certificate

BWDSB Teacher Receives Prime Minister's Certificate of Excellence
Posted on 10/17/2020

A Bluewater District School Board teacher is receiving national recognition for his accomplishments both in and beyond the classroom. Tyler Boyle, who currently teaches Grades 4 and 5 at Macphail Memorial Elementary School in Flesherton, is one of this year’s Ontario Certificate of Achievement Recipients with the 2020 Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence program. "Prime Minister's Awards 2020; Regional Certificate of Achievement for Teaching Excellence; Tyler Boyle - Macphail Memorial Elementary School, Flesherton, Ontario

In addition to his longstanding success inspiring students in the classroom through art and music, Tyler is an artist, dancer, and professional speaker who gives back to local and global communities in numerous ways. Locally, he has offered art therapy at a youth addictions centre, raised funds for the food bank, and continues to support a summer camp for children with cancer. His teachings have also brought him to several Ontario First Nations communities, and to various women’s programs in Kenya and Cambodia. The advocacy he demonstrates for human rights, equity, and inclusion extends to the LGBTQ+ community and causes, which he proudly supports. At the August 2020 Annual General Meeting of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO), Tyler was awarded the ETFO Local Humanitarian Award for his outstanding service supporting children in our local community.

As a passionate advocate for mental health and safe schools, one of his proudest accomplishments is the popular Dreamwalkers meditation club that he co-created at his school with colleague and fellow teacher Janet Gracey. After struggling to find much in the way of appropriate meditation video resources for students, the pair decided to produce their own, which led to the launch of the Dreamwalkers Meditations YouTube channel. With more than 370 subscribers and approximately 14,200 views and counting, the channel has proven to be a tremendous success, garnering interest from students, teachers, and even parents/guardians. The Mindful Minutes video series, which is also featured on the channel, has been an especially effective initiative with more than 75 percent of elementary schools in Bluewater District School Board actively participating. At a time when the mental health and well-being of students and staff could not be higher priorities, engagement in these brief and easy-to-use mindfulness and meditation exercises continues to soar. The level of interest and success has been humbling for Tyler, who is always happy to share his knowledge and gifts with others in our local school communities.

His skills and expertise have also extended to digital literacy. In 2016, he was selected as one of 30 teachers in Ontario to take part in the Ministry of Education’s “All I’s on Education” initiative conducted by York University. The focus was on teaching using integration, innovation, and imagination, as well as seeking ways in which to incorporate arts (creative literacy) and technology (digital literacy) into math and science to improve student engagement and learning.

Tyler utilizes the avenues of creative and digital literacy and his vast multimedia experience to engage students in projects that serve to reduce stigma and biases, as well as promote anti-bullying and cyberbullying awareness. He is a much sought-after facilitator of mental wellness workshops to students at various schools, conducts regular Character Education assemblies at Macphail, and has even been invited to speak at TEDx Collingwood. As a trained Restorative Justice facilitator, he assists students with conflict resolution and those who are struggling with mental health issues.

Tyler’s propensity for incorporating drama and historical elements into engaging student projects was epitomized in a multimedia video project that his class was commissioned to create by the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound based on the year 1913. Many of his classroom teachings have incorporated the use of costumes, music, dance, and theatrics to enable students experiential learning opportunities that are both fun and memorable.

Kinesthetic hands-on learning is another passion of Tyler’s, which permeates his classroom programming through the use of movement and dance to teach subjects, such as math and literacy. Tyler’s unique approach to kinesthetic learning was featured in the June 2019 edition of Professionally Speaking magazine.

As expressed by a few of his colleagues in their detailed and heartfelt nomination for this year’s Prime Minister’s Award program, Tyler is a much-loved pillar of his school and one of the most integral pieces of its foundation. His rapport with students is truly special as many look forward to being in his class and remember him fondly into their adulthood.

Tyler’s unique distinction as one of this year’s certificate recipients is an amazing honour and proud moment for Bluewater District School Board, Macphail Memorial Elementary School, local students, and parents/guardians. Collectively, we extend our deepest congratulations and thanks to Tyler for his ongoing efforts in fostering student success and well-being. His school will be receiving a certificate signed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to acknowledge its support and contribution to teaching excellence.


“As a direct result of Tyler, my grades, my relationships with friends and family, my mental health, and my world outlook were changed for the better almost immeasurably. My life would be different and not nearly as fulfilling, were it not for Tyler.” – student

“In our class, Mr. Boyle would show inspiring videos daily, and then we would have discussions about what we saw. You wouldn’t guess it now, but before Grade 5 I was a much more quiet kid. Part of me being so shy was because I was experiencing anxiety. One day Mr. Boyle asked me to stay in at recess, he explained to me very well what anxiety was. He gave me three special rocks to help me. I still keep them by my bedroom window where I can see them. Ever since my time with Mr. Boyle, I have set goals and worked hard at answering more questions, joining more clubs, and I MC’ed the school Christmas concert. I feel very lucky that we have Mr. Boyle at our school.” – student

“Mr. Boyle taught me many valuable life lessons that I’ve carried with me long after 4th grade. The one that resonates with me the most to this day is his encouragement in getting us to think outside the box and examine a problem from different points of view. Whether it was a hypothetical question about society or a math equation, he encouraged us to get creative with our problem solving. He welcomed and encouraged different ways of thinking, which led us to share more of our ideas and solutions with the class. This meant making lots of mistakes and learning from them. It also meant being able to appreciate how someone else might reach the right answer in a completely different way… What I took away from this lesson is that many times in life, there can be numerous paths that lead to one single solution... There is never only one way to find an answer, reach a goal or solve a problem… The lessons we learned in Mr. Boyle’s class are lessons not just for school, but for life.” – student

“Thank you so much for helping me every time I needed assistance. Thanks for putting up with my attitude and thanks for making it clear to me that there is more to life than depression. You have opened doors for me.” – student

“Tyler is an influential leader and an amazing role model in our school and community. His creative energy captivates and invigorates audiences of all ages. The breadth of his talents is immeasurable. His vision for the future of our community and the ambitious path he follows is inspiring. Having Tyler as a colleague is an absolute privilege. To work alongside him and to learn from him every day is a valuable gift I will always treasure.” – colleague

“Macphail is fortunate to have Mr. Tyler Boyle on staff. Tyler constantly reminds staff and students how to be mindful and walk with integrity. This is achieved not only through direct communication at character education assemblies but also through the initiatives he undertakes for the benefit of... It is difficult to put into words how Tyler Boyle transforms the school community, as we have all grown accustomed to his leadership and spectacular growth mindset. He is a champion of the underdog and sets the tone for the school climate where inclusivity is at the core.” – colleague

The following profile in celebration of Tyler’s achievement with the 2020 Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence program has been posted on the Government of Canada website,

Teaching approach

Tyler is well known at his school for his energy, his enthusiasm and his empathy with students experiencing difficulties. He encourages all students to participate in interdisciplinary activities, and even the layout of his classroom changes frequently to keep things fresh and interesting.

In the classroom

. Engages students using the arts: costumes and props immersed students in history during units on Egypt and New France; movie trailers built interest in math; a fashion show intrigued students in all grades.
. Promotes kinesthetic learning: dance parties help students learn literacy and math concepts, such as fractions and angles.
. Fosters social responsibility and generosity: coordinates monthly assemblies on themes such as the Golden Rule; due to his encouragement through the Who Is Nobody leadership and stewardship program, students have volunteered at an animal shelter, collected litter and donated money to a hospital.
. Hones students' and colleagues' conflict-resolution and communication skills: students have become attentive listeners and learned mutual respect through the Tribes program Tyler uses; he also helps teachers implement Tribes in their classrooms.
. Supports students' resilience and mental health: helped a troubled student to express his worries through poetry and art; gives students advice on overcoming anxiety.

Outstanding achievements

. Created historical film: students wrote and performed in a film about life in 1913 that was screened at a movie theatre in a nearby town; several students went on to further drama studies.
. Developed the board-wide P.L.U.S.+ (Pause, Listen, Understand, Support) program: the program fosters open conversations with at-risk youth, leading to less frequent office visits and quicker conflict resolution.
. Organizes annual school-wide Literacy Week: activities have included a game show, book shares and a celebration of Canadian literature.
. Co-founded his school's meditation club, Dreamwalkers: created 50 YouTube meditation videos for kids, now used around the world.
. Coordinated school plays and musicals: productions often involved more than 30 students and raised thousands of dollars for the school's arts program.

Bluewater District School Board is located on the traditional land of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, which is represented by the communities of Saugeen First Nation and Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation.
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