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Parents & Community
Bluewater School Administrators' Profile
School Council Consultation

Bluewater District School Board continues to develop and promote strong leaders in our schools.  A thorough Bluewater School Administrators’ selection and appointment process ensures that administrative candidates have a solid foundation in learning and leadership.  

In addition, School Councils provide important information for the placement of our future administrative leaders.  School Councils are invited to identify the key characteristics that are of particular relevance to its school by answering the following questions.

  • What unique characteristics describe your school, from a parent perspective?
  • Outline desired future goals for your school.
  • Describe the relevant characteristics of an administrator who can best meet the needs of your school community and carry the school forward in the future.

Upon completion of this consultation form, please forward to:

Lori Wilder, Director of Education
351 – 1st Ave. N.
Chesley, ON

or by e-mail to Bev Sims at

Click here for the printable pdf of this form.

_________________________________                ___________________________    
        Name of School Council Chair                                                     Signature                                              

___________________________                             ____________________________
                          School                                                                                  Date                            

                        Thank you for your continued support to our schools and community.

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