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Credit Recovery

A very important initiative of the Student Success/Learning to 18 Strategy has been the implementation of Credit Recovery Programs across the province of Ontario.

Which students can be considered for credit recovery?

Students who have, within the last two years, completed an Ontario Ministry of Education approved course and received a failing grade may be approved by the Credit Recovery Team.  However, a student who fails MPM1D can only recover MPM1D and is not eligible to recover MPM1P. Students who withdraw from a course are not eligible to recover it through the credit recovery process.

What will appear on the Ontario Student Transcript (OST) for a student who completes the credit recovery process?

The common course code along with the student's final mark for the recovered course will be recorded on the student's OST. In the case of a student achieving Grade 9 and 10 credits through credit recovery, only the highest mark achieved will appear on the OST. For students pursuing Grade 11 and 12 credits through the credit recovery programs, the mark received each time the student attempts to achieve a credit must be recorded on the transcript, as per OSS full disclosure policy.

How many credits my a student recover through the credit recovery process?

There is no present limit to the number of credits that can be recovered through the credit recovery process. The number of credits an individual student may recover is determined by the Credit Recovery Team.

May a Board/School predetermine a final grade for a student in the credit recovery program?

No. The final grade a student receives in the Credit Recovery Program is individually determined based upon achieved expectations in accordance with the Ontario Curriculum Grades 9-12: Program Planning and Assessment.

30% of the grade will be based on a final evaluation in the form of an examination, performance, essay and/or other method of evaluation suitable to the course content and administered towards the end of the course.

70% of the grade will be determined by one of the following:

  1. Solely upon the student's performance in the Credit Recovery Program.
  2. The merging of previous evaluation provided by the Subject Teacher for successful attainment of course expectations, (as evidenced on the Credit Recovery Profile) with marks determined through evaluations conducted during the Credit Recovery Program. Where the Principal has determined that prior learning will be recognized toward credit recovery, such achievement may also be merged with marks earned through credit recovery.
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