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Homework Guidelines

Homework consists of teacher-assigned and monitored learning experiences that take place outside of the classroom in a variety of settings. Homework is a planned part of the education process, designed to enhance student learning, through practice, preparation, and extension. It is directly connected to The Ontario Curriculum learning expectations, learning skills, reporting guidelines and curriculum guidelines.

Studies show that students perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education.

Parents, therefore, have an important role to play in supporting their child's learning. Parents can provide valuable support for their children's learning by taking an interest in their out-of-school assignments. By reading the curriculum, parents can find out what their children are learning in each grade and why they are learning it. This awareness will enable parents to discuss their children's work with them, to communicate with teachers, and to ask relevant questions about their child's progress.

Homework provides students with the opportunities to apply learning, and experience necessary practice, and it aids in developing lifelong learning skills such as self discipline, self-confidence, task commitment, initiative, time management, responsibility, and problem solving ability. These skills contribute to improved student achievement. Homework is also a means of building a partnership between home and school that leads to academic success for the student.

Types of Homework:
- Completion - anything not completed in class
- Practice - review and reinforcement of concepts presented in class
- Preparation - gathering and organization of materials for use in the classroom
- Extension - creative activities that integrate and/or expand upon classroom learning

Characteristics of Effective Homework:
- reinforces, extends, and enhances student learning
- is clearly defined, purposeful, age-appropriate, and regularly monitored
- supports student achievement of The Ontario Curriculum learning expectations
- can be completed with minimal support
- recognizes that the amount and time required to complete homework can be modified to meet an individual student's home situation, needs and abilities
- provides opportunities for family members to become involved in the student's learning

Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. Teacher:
    - provides clear, purposeful and developmentally appropriate activities
    - establishes a partnership with family and students that promotes regular communication
    - monitors homework and provides regular, timely feedback, offering constructive comments
    - co-ordinates assignments so students are not overwhelmed
    - summarizes and reports on homework completion in the student planner, as needed, and in the Learning Skills section of the report card
    - teaches skills necessary for successful homework completion

  2. Student:
    - ensures that he/she understands the homework (communicate any problems to the teacher)
    - uses the student planner effectively to record daily homework assignments, upcoming tests and projects
    - manages time and materials (brings home necessary materials)
    - completes all homework to the best of his/her ability
    - submits homework/projects when due

  3. Family:
    - demonstrates the importance of, and interest in the child's academic progress and learning skill development
    - provides a suitable environment for working at home - regular time, appropriate place, necessary supplies
    - participates appropriately in homework experience (clarify expectations, establish homework routines, provides guidance, praise and encouragement as needed)
    - monitors and encourages child's progress and ensures homework completion
    - communicates any concerns with teacher(s)
    - monitors the efficient use of the student planner which should be reviewed and signed on a regular basis
    - establishes a balance between homework and other activities

- establishes and communicates school homework guidelines
- offers information to assist parents/guardians in helping their children learn and work at home, through interviews, newsletters,

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