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BWDSB Honours Pride Month 2021

BWDSB Honours Pride Month 2021
Posted on 05/30/2021
Rainbow flag displaying the word,"PEACE", hanging on wall in school As colourful flags are raised around the world for Pride Month during June, we remember the challenges of the past and continue to work towards a better future.  In Bluewater District School Board, we value and prioritize equality - striving for a safe and inclusive learning environment for all.  Our schools and work sites will once again be displaying the Pride flag throughout the month to embrace diversity and show support.  Many schools within our board have Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs that promote diversity, acceptance, and inclusivity by hosting a variety of LGBTQ2S+ and anti-bullying themed initiatives throughout the school year.  We look forward to the innovation and creativity of our students and staff in raising awareness while adhering to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

What is Pride Month?

Pride Month is held annually in June, which is the same month as the Stonewall riots in 1968.  This occasion allows for reflection on the struggles of the LGBTQ2S+ community, the celebration of how far we have come, and the opportunity to continue to push for equality regardless of gender and sexuality. As Pride Month gets underway, here are some ways to show support.  These ideas were adapted from Kaitlin Miller and Syjil Ashraf’s article from The Active Times, “It’s Pride Month. Here are 20 Ways to Support the LGBTQ People in Your Life”.

Rainbow coloured Pride Bench in school hallwayEducate yourself: Take the time to research and understand the struggles that the LGBTQ2S+ community have faced historically and continue to face today.  This will not only show that you care, but also help you to garner a deeper understanding of the importance of certain political causes that implicate the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Be Respectful of Pronouns: Recently, there has been a movement to include your pronouns when introducing yourself to others.  This prevents incorrect assumptions from being made and helps to show that you are supportive of people regardless of how they identify.  Pronouns can be included upon in-person introductions as well as in emails and on social media.  With Instagram’s most recent update, there is now a dedicated spot for you to show what pronouns you use on your profile.  Respecting other people’s pronouns is a simple, but meaningful way for you to show your support.

Avoid Stereotyping: Everyone is unique!  Steer clear of stereotyping people based on gender or sexuality.  Just because someone does not fit into the role that you would expect them to, does not mean that the way they choose to identify is invalid.  Broad generalizations can be hurtful, so be careful about the assumptions that you make.  Kindness is always a great starting point.

Flat screen on display in school with rainbow colours and words, "You are safe here"Be a Good Listener: If you do not identify as LGBTQ2S+, it is important to listen to those who do.  This could include seeking out articles, books, movies, and podcasts created by members of this vibrant community, or engaging in meaningful conversations.  Without first-hand knowledge, it is often difficult to understand the perspectives and experiences of other people.  Looking to writers and activists within the community who have insights and are outspoken about relevant topics, is a valuable way to gain a better understanding and broaden your perspective.

This June is an opportunity to show the LGBTQ2S+ community love and support by respectfully learning to listen, and by celebrating the diversity that surrounds us all.

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Submitted by: Avryl Bender, John Diefenbaker Senior School student

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